Back Up Your Account

Create A Highly Encrypted Backup File
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Protect Your Assets

PREMA NFT lets users generate a highly encrypted backup file to avoid unforeseen incidents. It's best to store the backup file on different devices.
  • An Encrypted *.txt File

    The backup file is an encrypted *.txt file, which can be stored on any servers or devices easily. It’s inaccessible without PREMA NFT.

  • Your Custom Passcode

    You can add a custom passcode on top of the backup file for an extra layer of security.

Create Backup File

Back Up Everything In Your Account

Secure Your Account

  • Open PREMA Wallet
  • On the home screen, choose ‘Settings’
  • Tap ‘Create Backup File’
  • Insert your custom password
  • Tap ‘Create’
  • Close the popup, tap ‘Save to Files’


(*) It’s best to duplicate the backup file and send it to other devices.

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