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What is PREMA Wallet?

A Secure Gateway To Explore Web3 Dapps

Seamless Multichain Experience

PREMA Wallet offers a seamless multichain experience as a full-fledged Blockchain platform. The app allows users to manage tokens across different chains, connect to Web3 Dapp, and utilize NFC accessories.
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PREMA Wallet Features

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Create An Account

You can either create a new multichain account, or restore your account by using your Private Key, Backup File, or NFC Keycard.
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Back Up Account

PREMA NFT lets users generate a highly encrypted backup file to avoid unforeseen incidents. The backup file always comes with your custom password.
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Wallet Settings

PREMA NFT Settings grants users full control over their wallets and assets, where users can experience Keycard Operations, back up account, change language, etc.
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Token Management

PREMA NFT supports token management accross 07 different chains at once directly from the home screen.
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Send / Receive Token

PREMA NFT enables users to send, or receive token effortlessly and instantly. It only takes a few seconds.
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Wallet Connect

This feature allows users to connect to any Web3 Dapps seamlessly. It's basically compatible with any browsers, which takes only one scan to establish a connection.
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Use NFC Keycard

By using keycard, users will be able to export account to NFC Keycard, and protect Private Key securely.
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NFC Keycard

NFC Keycard is a new type of Hardware Wallet based on the latest NFC technology.
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